For 4 years, I was involved with a narcissist. I started as a girlfriend, then a friend, then a ‘fuck buddy’, then I cut him off, then back to friends, cut him off, then I became the other woman, cut him off, then a friend, then someone he was casually dating, cut him off, then I became the significant other, broke up with him 3 times in 6 months and now finally here I am. No contact. I’m finally done. Moving on.

(In case you’re wondering, “to je smůla” means “that’s a shame” in Czech. It’s pronounced toh yeh smoolah. :))

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  3. I’m glad you’ve cut off…”free” and moving forward is so good.

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  5. Well done sugar, it is hard to move on and survive a narcissistic relationship

    • Thanks Marilyn. And congrats to you on going NC with your whole narcy family. Not easy, as you say, but hopefully you have more peace in your life than you had before.

      • Yes i have sugar, and its thanks to other bloggers like yourself on here, who have helped me enormously with this journey to freedom from harassment and narcissists.

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