Look Who’s a Pretty Girl Now

Last night, I had an interesting dream about narc:

We were in a room together. A little dog was running around – it was clear to me that the dog belonged to a new love interest of his.

I asked him whose dog it was, and he replied in his usual evasive way, “Why do you want to know?”

I replied that I was just wondering, since it’s obviously not his dog, and asked again whose dog it was.

He replied again in his cheery, pleased-to-have-the-upper-hand voice, “But why do you care?”

I said, “You know what? Forget it. I’m breaking up up with you anyway. Actually, I already broke up with you, so I don’t care.” And I started to turn away.

This is when it got weird.

Suddenly, he popped up beside me in full women’s dress, wearing a women’s wig, and full makeup. He looked very pleased with himself. He was such a pretty girl.

I took one look at him, rolled my eyes and said, “You look like a tranny.” With that, I turned and walked away from him.

This morning, I was pleased that in my dream I could see through his manipulation and that I stood up for myself, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out the meaning behind the second part of my dream. So I told my friend at work about it.

My friend is incredibly intuitive and amazing at interpreting dreams. When I told her about the dream, she was excited and delighted.

She said: “You’re emasculating him! What a shift!”

The more I think about it, the more this makes sense to me. Here’s why.

On the weekend, I took a male friend as my date to a wedding. As we were waiting for the ceremony to start, he looked over at me and said very sincerely, “You look so beautiful.” It felt so nice. Narc never told me I looked beautiful – never.

I thought about it all weekend, how nice it has felt to be around men who are genuinely kind and caring, with no hidden agenda to be wary of. In so many ways, narc is not one of those men.

Not even in my dreams.



3 responses to “Look Who’s a Pretty Girl Now

  1. Great dream thanks for sharing. Very significant shift…it’s so great when that happens. I can relate to how nice it is to be around men who are genuinely kind and caring after going through abuse. It’s getting easier to accept this kind of genuine caring without “emotionally flinching”.

    • I love that term ’emotionally flinching’! Yeah, it sure does feel good to be around nice people and be able to recognize and value their genuine kindness. Slowly restoring my faith in humanity….

  2. great post! and your also restoring faith in yourself!!! ❤

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